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I know which fabric or item I want but I cannot find it on the website.


Have you tried the search facility on the left. Type in part of the name of the item and click go. If you have tried the search facility then click here to ask us and we'll get back to you about availability usually within 48 hours.

How I can pay?

Payment is fine by cheque, postal order, Paypal and credit or debit cards. If you are paying by post, then use the shopping cart in the normal way, and you will find an option to print your order at the end. Postage is calculated for you.

How do you deliver?

We post using the Royal Mail First class service. This usually takes just one or two days, but can occasionally take as long as five days. We post your order within 3 days or receiving it, unless you are paying by cheque, in which case within 10 days of receiving your order.

How much is the postage and packing?

This varies depending on the weight of the items you order, and is calculated using the Royal Mail First Class weights scale, with a small amount for the packing required. As you add items to your shopping cart, the postage is calculated for you and shown on your order.

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The Bobbin Patch, 
16 Milnrow Road 
United Kingdom 

Telephone: 01706 558760 


Thursday to Saturday  10am - 4pm

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